If you don't follow me on social media you'll not know this, but I've FINALLY got a puppy!😃 I thought I'd welcome him on my blog with a post😘 This little cutie is Benji!😍 he's a chihuahua cross shih tzu. He was born on the 18th August 2018 he is almost 8 weeks old,He is… Continue reading I HAVE A PUPPY!🐾🐾


Jacqueline Wilson My Mum Tracy Beaker review 📚

Tracy beaker is back, but this time the Dumping ground is far behind her and she's all grown up and now has a daughter named Jess. This time round it's Jess Beaker telling the story. Jess looks like a mini version of her Mum and people notice their similarities throughout the book. Although they look… Continue reading Jacqueline Wilson My Mum Tracy Beaker review 📚