Whats in my bag new edition👜

I recently purchased a new bag, so I thought I'd do an updated what's in my bag. This is my new bag, I purchased it from River island for £37. It's pretty big inside, it had an adjustable strap to wear over the body and has the compartments inside. This is the back compartment, I've… Continue reading Whats in my bag new edition👜


Christmas nails💅🏼🎅🏼

As always I do a post every time I get my nails done. This was before, excuse the toilet in the background, I was in the bath when taking this😂 These are my new nails, thought I'd have something glittery and Christmassy. Love them😍😍 I hope you've enjoyed this little post. Until next time....Soph!xxx


Jacqueline Wilson My Mum Tracy Beaker review 📚

Tracy beaker is back, but this time the Dumping ground is far behind her and she's all grown up and now has a daughter named Jess. This time round it's Jess Beaker telling the story. Jess looks like a mini version of her Mum and people notice their similarities throughout the book. Although they look… Continue reading Jacqueline Wilson My Mum Tracy Beaker review 📚