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Primark ps…berry palette review🖋

I went into Primark yesterday and I had a browse on their makeup selection and I seen that they had a few new palettes so I picked up this one for £4.00. I reminds me of urban decay palettes so much especially the back however they are a lot cheaper.

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The palette is in a purple cardboard case with a magnetic claps to close it.  It has gold round the eye shadows and the names of the eyeshadows on the back of the palette which I really like.

First impressions

Like I said above it reminded me on urban decay palettes so this is why I picked it up. I really like the packaging as it’s very slim. When I first open the palette I fell in love with the colours they are gorgeous, the name really goes well with some of the colours in this palette. I did notice that the palette had a scent to it but it’s not over powering and it does smell quite nice.


**I swiped my finger on the shadows twice*

Image may contain: one or more peopleImage may contain: one or more people and close-up

I’m going to explain all the colours going from the bottom of my arm to the top towards my tattoo.

Marshmallow- This is a lovely shimmery silver shade, it’s very pigmented and I think I’ll get a lot of use out of this one. Rate 5/5

Dusted- You can’t really see this one even after two swatches but it looks more like a highlighter than an eyeshadow but it’s a very subtle shade. Rate 3/5

Tulip- This is another subtle shimmer shade which would also be quite nice as a highlighter. Rate 3/5

Orchid- This is a shimmery pink colour which I’ll get a lot of use out I think it’s a really pretty shade. Rate 4/5

Innocence- This is a beautiful bright pink matte shade which would be perfect to use if you’re wanting to create a valentines day look, I really like this shade Rate 5/5

Persain rose- This is a shimmery red/orange I think this is a gorgeous colour would rate this 5/5.

Mulberry-  This is a orange shimmer shade again I really like this. Rate 5/5

Tranquil- This is a brown shimmer shade, Rate 4/5

Amethyst- This is a beautiful purple/red shimmer shade. Rate 5/5

Salem-  And the last shade s a beautiful dark shimmer shade Rate 5/5.

Final thoughts

I’m actually pretty impressed! To say this was only £4.00 I’m really pleased with it! They also had two other palettes one called Urban and other called Amber which are in the same packaging as this and again £4.00. Primark have really stepped up with makeup recently their products are really good. I’d definitely recommend going into your nearest primark and having  browse of their makeup selection.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog! Thanks for reading 🙂

Until next time….Soph!xxx


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