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I heart makeup slogan palette makeup geek review!🖋

Hey guys, welcome back! If you read my previous post you’ll see that I mentioned that I was going to be baking a cake for my Mums birthday and making my own pressed glitter eyeshadow palette and doing posts about them. Well they both didn’t turn out as well as I expected them too so I’ve decided to scrap both those ideas and do a review on my new palette instead.

So this is the palette that I found on Tam beauty buy here for £2.40 they are selling the same palette in superdrug for £7.99 so if you want this palette definitely be quick and buy it from tam beauty.

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Image may contain: make-upImage may contain: make-up


The palette comes in a black shiny  case with a 3D design logo on the front which is hard to show on photos. You get a very large mirror with this palette which would be perfect to use if you take this palette travelling with you. It also comes with two sponge brush applicators which I probably will not use.

First impressions 

WOW. I was so impressed with how bright the colours where, for £2.40 I didn’t really expect it to be as bright as they are. I really like the packaging quoted from the website it’s got a ‘unique moving logo’ on the front so it’s not just a normal palette it’s quite different to every other palette.


**Side note on the shimmer shades I only swiped my finger in the pan once and the matte shades I did it twice, pictures with and without flash**

First row

The palette does has nine shades in each row but there is only 8 swatches in this row as the first shade was just to light and you couldn’t see it.

Image may contain: one or more people and close-upImage may contain: one or more people and close-up

I absolutely love this row! I definitely think this is going to be my most used row, I especially love the last three shades they are gorgeous. This was also with one swipe into the pan, these shades are so pigmented!

Second row

Image may contain: one or more people

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This is a very odd colour selection, but I do really like all the colours. I am really liking the first four I think they are beautiful. I know I’m going to be using the gold a lot out of this row.

Third row 

Image may contain: one or more people and close-up

Image may contain: one or more people and close-up

They are set out in really weird colour combinations but I do absolutely love this row especially more towards the end the pinks and the blue are just screaming to me. Number 4 the orange shade is also one of my favourites I think it’s so pretty, I’m definitely going to be experimenting with the different colour selections on this row.

Final row!

Image may contain: one or more people and close-up

Image may contain: one or more people and close-up

Again, another weird colour combination. I am really like colours 3,4,5,6,7 and 8 I think they will be perfect to create a really nice bright eye. Number 8 will also come in handy around Christmas time to create a nice emerald green look.

That’s all the swatches done, lets give some final thoughts.

I am blown away by this palette and would give it a 9/10! I think the colours are gorgeous, they are very pigmented and easy to blend. The packaging is really nice it’s not too bulky it’s quite a slim little palette so it would be easy to take travelling with you. The only downside to this palette is that it does have a tiny bit of fall out and some of the colours do look pretty similar, however it’s an absolute bargain! You get 36 shades for £2.40! I would 100% recommend this palette especially if you’re into bright colours as well as they are very pigmented.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! thanks so much for reading.

Until next time….Soph!xx


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