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What’s in my bag👜

Hey guys, welcome back! I saw the lovely Ellie from The diary of Ellie do this post and I really enjoyed reading hers so I thought I’d do it to. Make sure you had over to her page and check out her post to.

So this is my bag, It’s just a plain black bag with three compartments at the front, a long strap and a large compartment in the middle. I have also attached my purple beauty and the beast purple pom pom to the side which I love. Both the bag and the pom pom was from of course, Primark. The bag was £7.00 and the pom pom was £2.50 I believe.

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In this first compartment the very bottom one I store my rose gold charging phone case, this comes in very handy. I am always on my phone and it gives me anxiety to think about my phone going dead and me being stuck somewhere not being able to get home, so I always make sure this is fully charged and always with me. I got this from ebay for £15.00 this is honestly a life saver as well as the  portable chargers.

Image may contain: phone

The next compartment I’ve got some beauty products. I get very hot so I’m always worried about sweating so I always carry a travel sized deodorant with me wherever I go to always top up. I then have always got a travel size perfume to freshen up with as well. A travel size bottle of perfume comes in handy on a night out after you’ve been dancing and working up a sweat it’s always nice to go to the bathroom and freshen up with the girls, You’ll also become very popular in the toilets as well as everyone will want to borrow it. The little orange fan was given to me by my friend Danielle at Christmas as a joke present because I’m always hot, It’s a little fan that plugs into your phone. It’s honestly the best thing ever, it comes in so handy because I’m always on my phone I can just plug it into the bottom and be cool in seconds, I carry it everywhere.

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The last compartment on the front of the bag Is just random I’ve just got a packet of chewing gum, some open and then some hand sanitiser. I always use hand sanitiser during and after work as I hate the thought of all the germs being spread about.

Image may contain: drink

Now in my actual bag I’ve got;

My purse, I bought this in Tenerife last year with my boyfriend Danny I love it, It’s the perfect size.

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I then use this Morphe brush case for my work pencil case which has just got my lip balm in, tissues, hand sanitiser and some lucozade sweets.

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I’ve then got my keys, which have got a lot of key rings on. I love collection key rings form places I’ve visited.

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And finally I’ve got some little makeup items, I like to store them in the little makeup revolution bag so they don’t get lost in my bag. I’ve got a pressed powder and a little brush and two matte lipsticks. One max factor on and one mac one, I’ll swap these round depending on what lipstick I’ve decided to wear on that day.

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And that’s all I’ve got in my bag! I hope you’ve all enjoyed having a snoop round my bag! Don’t forget to check out Ellie’s post as well.

Thanks for reading, until next time…..Soph!xxx


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