A look back on January👀

Hey guys, welcome back sorry I’ve not been posting as much this week I’ve had a busy week. I Thought I’d come and have a look back on January with you and share some of my goals I’ve achieved in January and some of my favourite things in January, I hope you enjoy!

At the start of January I wasn’t very good at sticking to my goals and I broke some quite quickly because I had some birthday meals, I went out with friends a few times so my diet and healthy eating didn’t go as planned, but I’m trying to stay on plan this month.

Blogging goals

I said I wanted to reach 300 goals in 2018 however I did reach 200 in January and I’m now just under 260 which I’ very happy about thank you to everyone that follows me.

I also said I’d like to get more views and likes, since getting more followers my posts have been getting more views and likes which makes me very happy.

Personal goals 

I’ve lost a couple of pounds, not a lot but I have bought myself a purple bike so me and me and my Dad are biking, we get to spend time together, get fitter and lose weight at the same time’s three in one.

I’ve become a much cleaner person, I have finally bought some more storage for my makeup If you’d like to see it leave a comment and I’ll happily do a post on it. It’s come in very handy and it keeps my room a lot cleaner.

I’ve experimented a few times with makeup in January, I’ve wore a bright purple look and white eyeliner out. I would have never have done this before but I’ve got a lot more confident and I’ve started to wear red lipstick more, I always felt nervous wearing red but I love it so I’ve started wearing it more often.

I won a nail competition a couple of days ago on Facebook where I got a free set of nails, I decided to have purple and grey, these were the nails.

Image may contain: one or more people

I’m not going to do my favourite beauty items, I’m going to do some random favourites

Favourite drink in January

Sparkling flavoured water.

Favourite food

Stuffed crust meat feat pizza or bourbon cream biscuits.

Favourite thing to watch

I’ve currently been loving Jeffree star’s makeup tutorials.

Favourite colour

This is a weird one but If you know me personally you’ll know I hate green, but for some reason this month I’ve been loving green. I’ve just recently bought a greeny coloured dress and I have no idea why I used to hate green and now for some reason I’m going towards it.

Favourite song

Ed Sheeran perfect

Favourite thing to wear 

My coat, If you know me personally you’ll know I hate wearing coats as I get too hot but I LOVE my coat I got it from new look and I’m never out of it. It’s not to thick and it’s not to thin it’s literally perfect. I was searching for the right coat for months and I finally found it in New look and they only had the one left in my size as well, and then when I did buy it at £27 they reduced it next week to £17! Just my luck ahaha!

And that’s pretty much it! Sorry it’s just a short post, I hope you’ve enjoyed it anyway.

Thanks for reading, Untill next time…..Soph!


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