New twitter!💙

Hey guys! Little update I've made a new twitter account so if you'd like to follow me feel free and I will follow you back! 💙 @sophie__ten

What I got up to

Amsterdam 2019💑

I recently just got back from a short break from Amsterdam with my boyfriend so I thought I'd share some of my photos with you all. Amsterdam is such a lovely place to visit and has a lot of things to do while over there.  This is the typical plane photo that everyone takes, I… Continue reading Amsterdam 2019💑

Christmas posts

What I got for Christmas 2018🎅🏼

Happy new year everyone! I'm a bit late posting this but I've been super busy! I thought I'd still post it anyway, I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and new year. Disclaimer I am not bragging about anything that I have got, I am extremely grateful for everything that I've got. I love… Continue reading What I got for Christmas 2018🎅🏼